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Bet you didn’t think there’d be camel riding here in the UK where we don’t have an awful lot of deserts and very little hot weather! But we’re always on the hunt for unusual animal experiences and that’s just what we’ve found for you.

Picture yourself high up on top of the mighty Ship of the Desert as he ambles around the countryside on those huge padded feet.

Admittedly, there’s not a lot of camel-trekking about, with only one camel riding experience available so far at the time of writing, but our real time experience comparison is constantly on the look out for new ones, and when another one appears on the net as days with camels catch on, then it will appear here first.

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Camel riding experience review

This camel riding experience is in the lovely countryside around Stratford on Avon, so located quite centrally in England, which is handy. When you arrive, you’re introduced to your camel and told a few of the camel secrets that are essential for successfully handling these wonderful exotic animals.

Your keeper will show you how to put the saddle and bridle on him, how to climb up (but it’s OK as he kneels down to make it easier for you – the camel, not the keeper!)

And then it’s off you go on your camel ride. If you’ve ridden a horse and that seems high up, just wait till you’ve ridden this big fellow. They’re something like 2 metres tall at the shoulder, so you really do get a good view as your trusty steed takes you up hill and down dale.

Camels are used for racing in the countries where they come from, so they’re pretty fast when they want to be. But don’t worry, you’ll be led by the keeper who will make sure there are no runaways! You’re out with your furry friend for about half an hour, then it’s back to reward him with a nice comb and grooming.
They’re wonderful quirky creatures, and you’ll just love getting to know yours and finding out all about him and his fellows from your keeper during the day, which finishes off with strawberries and Champagne.

Now what could be better than that.

To give you some idea of what it will be like, check out this Youtube video of a camel ride (in Israel, not England, but you’ll get the picture)

But if you want to take along somebody to video your camel ride and post it for us, we may even put it up on here for you!

Author: Jo at animal experiences

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