Feed a penguin

The animal parks seem to have cottoned on to the fact that people love these cheeky swimming birds, and now you can pick up a feeding experience for a bargain price.

Here are the cheapest penguin experience days in the UK right now!

Everybody loves penguins

Here are five reasons why penguins are brilliant.

  1. They jump out of the water like a rocket
  2. They waddle
  3. They squawk
  4. They chomp up as much fish as you can throw at them
  5. They’re supercute

Which animal parks can I feed a penguin at?

Our favourites in order are:

  • Chester zoo – Humboldts
  • Paradise Park at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire – Humboldts
  • Drusillas Park in East Sussex – Humboldts and Rockhoppers

That’s not to say that Drusillas is rubbish, but we just prefer the others.

So what happens on these experiences?

Well the main thing you do is pop fish into penguin’s beaks, Obviously. Do you want more information? Hmmm. ok then. A;; the zoos give you roughly the same experience.

A quick welcome followed by a tour of the zoo and a cup of tea, before you meet the feathery rascals themselves. You then go behind the scenes to chop up their fish and get covered in fishy bits. This is maybe not the best place to wear a posh white tracksuit. Not that you were thinking of that but you get what we mean.

Then you move into the penguin enclosure by the pool, and the hungry chaps shuffle up to you with gaping beaks. making that noise the penguins make. Something like Grrrraaarrr Graaarrrr – Awesome!

But if got here because you’re looking for one of the John Lewis penguins you’ve seen on the advert, then they’re here:

Monty the penguin

Monty the penguin

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