Husky experience – mushing with sled dogs

Fancy mushing? That’s the proper name for driving a sled pulled by huskies, and you can do it right here in the UK. Have a thrilling ride pulled by eager huskies through the┬ácountryside. It’s seasonal, taking place only in the cooler months of the year, but that’s not because you need snow – you don’t. These sleds run on wheels. But the problem these great little sled dogs have is that they’re so accustomed to Arctic weather and Northern climes full of snow and ice that if they try to work in warm weather, they simply overheat!!

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Where can I take a husky experience?

Locations change from week to week, but there’s usually a location in Scotland and one in England. We’ve got a complete list below of all the ones currently available in the UK, so check them out for yourself.

The list automatically updates in real time, so only the current ones are there, and you can be confident that prices are up to the minute.

Husky experience review

Firstly, the husky experience is an authentic one, using real huskies (which is why they can only work in cold weather) and a real training sled such as mushers use for practice or in earnest when there just isn’t enough snow for a sled with runners. So it’s a proper experience and you’ll be driving the sled just like a real musher.

You start with an introduction to your dog team, a guided tour of the sled and its controls, and a crash course (not literally!!) in sled driving and dog control. These guys are very strong and very willing – they love nothing more than pulling the sled along as fast as they can – so steering and slowing them down are the chief skills you’ll master.

Then, when you’ve an idea what you’re doing, you take over the reins and show your dog sled skill while your friends (they can come and watch) video you and take photos. But don’t worry, as there’ll be a professional along to keep an eye on things and make sure everything goes smoothly.

An experience to remember

This is an action packed adventure, an all action animal experience, and most importantly you’re not just a passenger, but you’ll have the chance to drive and steer the huskies yourself. You’ll reach some amazing speeds, so why not give dog power a go?

This video gives you an idea of how fast the huskies go and what the husky experience actually feels like!

Customer comments

“I love dogs, but I never thought I’d be pulled along be huskies ”


Author: Jo at animal experiences

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