Llama trekking experiences

Once you’ve been for a walk with a llama, walking without one is boring!

Walks in the country are nice aren’t they? But you know what’s missing from the average trek? Llamas…..obviously.

Well fear not, because here is one of the most bizarre and hilarious animal experiences we’ve come across so far – the llama trekking experience.
You can walk a llama in a couple of places at the time of writing – Devon and Northants – but new locations are added from time to time, so check out the list below which is automatically updated minute by minute to give you all the UK’s llama walks and all the very best and latest prices.

We’ve found a few llama experiences, and they’re all generally the same, with a few added extras – things like cream teas or even glamping breaks. Take a look at all the options below and click through to find out more.

Llamas – what are they?

Well they’re like a cross between a small camel, a horse and a sheep. That’s what we think anyway. They originate from South America and they’re familiar with walking cross country in the Andes. They’re friendly, inquisitive, love people, and when you take one for a walk its antics and personality will keep you amused for hours.

Llama experience review

Can I ride a llama?
Definitely not! These lovely, gentle creatures are used to carry bags in the Andes where they come from, but they’re not nearly big or strong enough for riding. And you’ll find it’s far more fun to take one for a walk and get to know it that way.

So what happens on a llama walk?
Well the main thing is you get to go on a lovely country walk. With a llama.
You usually have a llama of your own that you can lead, talk to and get to know. and if you thought dogs and cats were funny, wait till you’ve met your llama! You won’t believe how inquisitive and friendly they are, and each one has his own quirky personality.

They walk alongside you – like a dog, but 6 feet tall and with a funny puzzled face. They might even carry your bags if you’re lucky…

Your llama experience lasts a couple of hours, and you’re accompanied by other llama-lovers with their llamas (they’re social animals and love to be in groups) and some professional llama keepers who’ll make sure everything is is order and tell you anything you want to know about these brilliant creatures.

And some of the llama walks actually treat you to a scrumptious cream tea afterwards – so make sure you look at the experience details to see if they’re the ones near you!

An experience to remember

Trekking across the countryside with a llama – make sure you take plenty of photos of you with your new woolly friends

And if you can’t imagine walking with a llama, check out this Youtube video of some other people doing it. But if you’d like to send us your own video after your llama walk, we might put that up on here instead!!

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“All the llamas had distinctive personalities and seemed to love the experience. I got the mischievous one…..”

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