Meerkat experience day – meet the meerkats

They don’t talk like the meerkats on the adverts, but they do stand on their back feet and look all around them with beady little eyes

You want to meet the meerkats, feed the meerkats, have them climbing all over you like a stuffed toy never can? Well just here we’ve got together all the meerkat experiences on the net in one place for you, all at the lowest meerkat prices. So check out the experiences below and you’ll be covered in meerkats before you can say Aleksandr!



Where can I meet meerkats?

You’ll have heard of the famous Chester zoo, of course, but there are also a couple of top class animal parks that specialise in getting close up and personal with small creatures and have built a fine reputation for giving visitors an absolutely first rate experience – in fact we’ve never ever heard anything but praise for these two zoological parks, so they come highly recommended.
Drusillas Park in East Sussex, and Paradise Park at Broxbourne in Herts are the ones where you can meet these legendary furry chaps. They’re well known for the quality of their animal care and for keeping contented creatures in as natural an environment as possible, as well as for their “meet the animals” experiences where you go into the enclosure, feed, meet and handle the animals for yourself. (And no, you don’t handle the lions and tigers, but you do handle the small, furry, cuddly or feathered fellows, as well as the odd creepy crawly and scaly friend if that’s what you’re into!). But anyway, back to the meerkats experiences!

What you’ll find is that zoos and animal parks start and stop experiences from time to time depending on what’s going on there, what animals they have available and so on, so participating zoos may change. But we keep our experience checker bang up to date, so those you see below are the complete list of meerkat experiences available as of this minute!

And if you like the idea of a meerkat toy, then just imagine how much better the real furry lads are.

What happens on my meerkat experience?

Firstly, you get free admission to the zoo or wildlife park concerned, so take a picnic, plenty of batteries for your camera, and make a fantastic day out of it.
Each of these animal parks has more fascinating sights than you can possibly fit in during the day, so you’ll be fully occupied all the time you’re in there.
What you’ve gone for though, and the time it all kicks off, is feeding time – usually between 3 and 4pm. Not surprisingly, this is when all the animals are keenest to see what’s going on, get as much dinner down them as they can, and provide you with the most fun.
You go to the enclosure where the meerkats are based and meet the keeper, who knows more about these little furry friends than you could want to know. They’re furry and cuddly as you’d expect, but make no mistake, these cheeky little chaps are the terrors of the insect world and in the wild will rip apart giant centipedes and scorpions without blinking. They’re actually members of the mongoose family, which you may remember for their skill at killing snakes!
And it’s right in with the meerkats then, to give them their dinner and let them investigate you.
Despite their sharp little teeth (and we expected we might get a nip or two) these little fellows are the friendliest, most inquisitive creatures imaginable, and wouldn’t dream of biting you while they’re being fed.

To give you an idea what to expect, here are the good things and the bad things about your meerkat experience:
1. You get all the meerkats you can handle, and then some. There’ll be meerkats of all sizes, though even the big ones are smaller than a cat, but if there are babies around, they’re even cuter.
2. Your zoo admission for the day is included.
3. The keepers. They make the day special almost as much as the meerkats
4. You’ll sometimes get offers (and you’ll see them shown above if there are any at the moment). It’s a great value experience anyway, but if you happen to catch an offer, it’s a fantastic cheap experience.

Bad :
We’re talking meerkats here, so “bad” doesn’t come into it!
You do need to wear old clothes though, as these little charmers just love climbing all over you while they eat their dinner, and they’re not at all particular where they put their muddy little paws.

How do I book?

You go back up to our complete list of meerkat experiences above, click on the ones that take your fancy and check out the detail.
We’ve done the shopping around for you, so the prices are the best you’ll get and you can buy online there and then knowing that you’re buying from the most reputable experience companies there are.

Customer comments

“Amazing – I met Aleksandr!!!

And don’t forget, come back when you’ve been on your meerkat day out and let us know how you liked it. Photos and videos are more than welcome – we’ll even add your video into our website if it’s a good one.

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