Monkey keeper – primate experiences and shadow a monkey keeper

This is the top monkey experience, the best primate experience there is, and we'll tell you why.

Some monkey adventures involve a quick visit into their cage, so you get to see them up close or perhaps feed them, then it's all over.

With these ones, you get to accompany the keeper, looking after the monkeys, dealing with problems, doing his day to day animal maintenance, and it's amazing how much closer you get to what it is to be a monkey.

So if you love monkeys and primates and really want to get into their world, then this is the animal experience to go for. Have a look at all the primate days you can get right here, with our real time price comparison showing you all the latest prices and offers.

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Monkey experience review

Well the first thing you need to be aware of is that there are two types of monkey day and they're both quite different.

The first one is being primate keeper for the day at the famous monkey sanctuary near Looe in Cornwall where you accompany a keeper throughout his day's work in this sanctuary for rescued capuchin monkeys and woolly monkeys.

The sanctuary is devoted to giving these mistreated or orphaned souls the best life possible, and that means living like a real monkey and not like a pet. So that means that while you'll see plenty of the little chaps as you tend to their needs, it's NOT a case of sitting down and having them climb all over you and be cuddled.

So if you want monkeys climbing all over you, then you would be better off considering a normal monkey experience or even a lemur experience. You get far closer to lemurs than you will to monkeys on the average monkey experience.

The second kind of monkey day is where you shadow a keeper in a wildlife park or zoo and see several different species of monkey, but there's less of the work and more of the monkey and primate handling.

Although shadowing the keeper for a day in the monkey sanctuary sounds less exciting at first, as there's no monkey-cuddling involved, many visitors have reported to us that it actually gives a far more satisfying monkey experience. You're not just handling them like pets, but contributing towards their welfare and rehabilitation, which to many people seems very worthwhile.

You'll find your keeper really helpful and get to know him or her very well, and while you'll end the day tired and dirty, you'll feel all the satisfaction of a really useful day's work done.

This is an experience for two, so share it with a friend or partner and you'll have oceans of wonderful memories that will live with you for years to come.

On the other hand, for a group of four people - a family say - where you're all keen to get in among the monkeys, then the hands-on monkey experience with a primate keeper looking after you will give you a fantastic wildlife day, masses of opportunities for photos and videos to put on Youtube, and lots of memories.

They always say that the keeper is a major part of your day, and your monkey keeper will take you round different species of monkeys, telling you all about them with lots of fascinating tales while these furry little rascals take the opportunity to leap all over you for food and stroking .

It's up to you and what you want from your primate experience day. some want the one, some the other. Whichever one you pick, you can book there and then confident in the knowledge that you've got the best price.

And remember, these experience days make a wonderful special gift idea - imagine their delight as your lucky recipients accept a gift that will give them the day of their lives and memories to last for years to come!

These monkeys are amazing!

Author: Pete at animal experiences

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